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C&S Technology is a total solution provider in broadcasting and communications. Since its foundation in 1993, the company has been developing with technological capabilities of image and voice processing. As a result, it came to lead industrial innovations amidst technological revolution and changing market conditions.

Regarding core technology related to mobile TV, C&S has achieved a overwhelming victory over semiconductor makers around the world. The chips for mobile TV developed by C&S first in the world are used for mobile TV phones, car navigations, PDAs, MP3 players and setup boxes to prove the technology of C&S. As the demand for mobile TV services is on the rise, C&S will bolster its market leadership and increase market shares by exporting competitive products to overseas markets.

In the IP telephony field, with core chip sets based on highly accumulated design technology, C&S has laid groundwork for the world video phone markets, and will lead domestic and overseas markets for Internet phones, Internet video phones and home networks.

Based on a cooperative relationship with Hyundai Kia Motor Company as well as accumulated design capabilities and know-how, C&S will make a contribution to developing automotive chips with Korean technology, lessen reliance on foreign semiconductor suppliers, and strengthen the competitiveness of auto and semiconductor industries by overcoming technological barriers.

Focusing on mobile TV, IP telephony, ASIC, and automotive businesses, C&S will continue to develop technology, be a leading company with outstanding performance, and make every effort to be a company growing with shareholders and customers.